The Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation – CGDC
is a politically independent, International Non-governmental Organization.


Ethical values in business and politics are essential for sustainable and stable global welfare.
The worldwide financial and economic crisis has clearly revealed that there is a pressing need for global action. We are convinced that serious dialogue between politicians and businessmen must be encouraged; the consideration of ethical values and virtues like honesty, credibility, responsibility, transparency and mutual trust in both business and politics count among the most important factors in initiating a sustainable change.
Our global movement seeks to concentrate on supporting emerging countries to assist them in becoming more efficient, capable and stable partners in Europe and worldwide.


  • Encouraging communication between business and politics both on a global and on a regional level.
  • Enhancing cooperation and promoting business globally.
  • Helping to create transparency and responsibility in terms of the legal, political and economic standards in emerging countries.
  • Promoting democratic ideas and a democratic business environment.
  • Influencing opinion leaders to promote the vision of the CGDC.
  • Advocating international business law and business ethics as a basis for action.
  • Cooperating with like-minded organisations.
  • Ensuring that important topics appear on the international agenda and facilitating discussion of such topics in the global media.
  • Providing information and consultation with regard to issues and procedures arising out of our involvement: countries – political subjects – business sector.
  • Supporting communication and cooperation on an academic level.