December 2010

Collaboration: Qatar Foundation and CGDC

In December 2010, President Stoyanov and Stamen Stantchev visited on behalf of the Center of Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC) the Headquarter of the Qatar Foundation in Doha.

The Qatar Foundation is a private non-profit organization focusing on education, scientific research, and community development. Due to the Foundation’s endeavours, the Qatar Science and Technology Park has been built which contains, among others, universities and academic training programs enabling community development initiatives such as the Doha Debates.

In recognition of CGDC’s truly efforts, the Foundation’s Vice Chairman Dr. Saif Ali Al-Hajari rewarded President Petar Stoyanov and Stamen Stantchev, Secretary General, with a present acknowledging the added value CGDC achieves. Based on the common interest of collaborating on joint projects in education, CGDC and the Qatar Foundation reached a consensus to take further steps together and finalize the details of their cooperation early 2011.