December 3, 2013


Grand Hotel Director, Horst Mayer welcomes The Scorpions star, Klaus Meine in preparation for the CGDC 3rd Annual Meeting, tomorrow 4th December at Gartenpalais Liechtenstein. Klaus Meine, lead singer of The Scorpions, winner of the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation – CGDC 2012 Award for “Music in Dialogue” returns to Vienna to support the CGDC mission.

“I am delighted to return again this year to support the CGDC important work in promoting global dialogue and understanding to help make the world a better place for us all. Like our hit “Wind of Change”, the CGDC inspires emotions and calls people to action.” Last year, Klaus Meine accepted the CGDC 2012 award for “Music in Dialogue”, on behalf of “The Scorpions”, in recognition of the band’s exceptional contribution to promoting world peace and understanding through music.

Mr Meine comments; “Music knows no borders. From our concerts in the Soviet Union in the late 80s, to all the Shows the Scorpions played in Lebanon, Israel or at the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, we always tried to build bridges with our music, bring people together in the most peaceful way! The future is wide open when the children of tomorrow dream away, in the Wind of Change … The Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation – CGDC mission is to gather the most influential individuals in the field of politics, business and humanitarian action in order to create dialogue across boundaries, ethnicities, cultures and vocations. Its goal is to generate a powerful “Wind of Change” and find solutions to the most pressing global problems”.

Klaus Meine is “The Scorpions” lead singer and writes most of the group’s lyrics. His words to the song Wind of Change” came to symbolize the re-unification of Germany. In 2005, “Wind of Change” was voted “Song of the Century” by viewers of Germany’s ZDF television channel.

With regards to the CGDC 3rd Annual Meeting, Klaus Meine comments, “The CGDC 3rd Annual Meeting on the future of Eurasia is particularly timely with the dominance of the Asian economies and what this means for Europe’s competitive position. The CGDC vision of creating a force for global dialogue and positive change continues to excite me and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue to support the CGDC this year.

The CGDC has an incredible attraction as it brings together leaders from business and politics from all around the world at the highest possible level, to create networks of collaboration. In view of the on-going economic crisis, international dialogue, cooperation and cultural empathy are essential to the success in overcoming the current global challenges.”

Photos: Klaus Meine, The Scorpions CGDC 2012 Award Winner for “Music in Dialogue” © Andreas Tischler

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