December 2, 2013


Rick Yune, Center of Global Dialogue and Cooperation – CGDC, International Honorary Board Member and Hollywood star met with local media in Vienna ahead of the CGDC’S 3rd Annual Meeting on 3rd and 4th of December 2013. Mr.Yune, has returned to Vienna for the second year running to serve on the CGDC’s International Honorary Board. Mr Yune spoke of the practical benefit which the CGDC brings to a number of global projects – helping to change the world through dialogue and cooperation. “Though helpful, awareness of global issues is not enough, it is a commitment to action what is needed. The CGDC is unique in its ability to mobilise leaders from business, politics and philanthropy to create sustainable change.

For this reason, at its Annual Meeting, the CGDC makes “Commitments to Action”, where it addresses significant challenges of the modern world. For example, this year, the CGDC is supporting Keepod, which imagines a world where everyone can have and use a computer. In the digital age, access to a computer is rapidly becoming an essential freedom. The CGDC welcomes the support of individuals, companies and private sector organizations who would like to make this commitment a reality and change the lives of many.”

Photo: Rick Yune, Businessman and Acotr, CGDC International Board Member © Andrea Tischler

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