CGDC’s Official Media Partner: Milestone GRP

Milestone GRP is a global communications company specialized in producing top-tier business and investment publications on countries, regions or business sectors around the world. The company’s clients and partners include national governments, respected local and transnational companies. Milestone GRP’s teams conduct face-to-face meetings with a country’s political leaders and business elite to get maximum exposure to the issues that matter and the people driving the economy forward.

The company was born of a need to go deeper. A need for more reliable, in-depth and up-to-date information for internationally-minded businesses and investors to assess the realities and potential of developed and emerging economies around the world. Milestone GRP’s 100 to 200 page publications bring more reliable information, experts’ analysis, leaders’ perspectives and substance to country or sector-focused business and investment reporting. Their targeted distribution list is as impressive as the quality of their reports. Directly sent to the largest companies in all sectors around the globe, the most powerful institutional investors and most influential thought-leaders, Milestone GRP’s publications reach and inform the world’s business and political elite.

It is for Milestone GRP’s mission to produce top-quality publications and its capacity to deliver that led the CGDC to select Milestone as its official and exclusive media partner for the production of country or sector business reports.

For more information about Milestone GRP, its publications and ongoing projects, visit www.milestonegrp.co.uk