President of Business Creation

International Businessman and Entrepreneur

CGDC International Honorary Board Member

Gerry van der Sluys was born in the Netherlands in 1952. After graduating from the University of Delft as a Master in Electrical Engineering, he gained more than 29 years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and investor.
Gerry van der Sluys worked with companies like Philips (Netherlands), Fairchild (USA) and ASML, where he developed new market segments in the semiconductor industry. Due to his endeavours, he soon became a CEO of Huber & Suhner Connectors and Datacolor International (Switzerland). On top of it, he was an Investment Director with Emesco Private Equity Fund (Switzerland). Since 1997 he has been a Managing Director in and 50% shareholder of BC Investments (Switzerland), a company that manages business development processes for companies and governments and is active in the field of job creation. Business Creation has created more than 70.000 jobs since 1982.

Gerry van der Sluys is an expert in the field of wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy.

Apart from his contributions to the business industry, Gerry van der Sluys and his wife Bogidara created the Foundation for Humanitarian Aid that provides relief to orphanages in Eastern Europe. He is further the founder of the Foundation for Bulgarian Art and is Chairman of the University Council and member of the Board of Trustees of the American University in Bulgaria.