Throughout the year and at the Annual Meetings, CGDC serves as a Commitment Platform for addressing significant challenges. Serving as a catalyst for young initiatives we turn new plans and ideas into meaningful and measurable results.

Commitment to Action lies at the heart of the CGDC. We recognize the importance of global partnerships and encourage plans and ideas in support of CGDC’s goals by facilitating dialogue, communicating results and providing opportunities to identify partners.
At the 3rd CGDC Annual Meeting we are delighted to present two new CGDC Commitments to our audience: GLBrain and Keepod.

GLBrain is a platform and a unique system of different “brains” and categories allowing to create, search, browse, read, share and follow content-to-act and make changes happen by participating in voting and joining movements on both, global and local level of 230 countries.

Keepod is founded on a simple, powerful idea which is freedom. It imagines a world where everyone can have and use a computer. Its mission is to make computing more accessible, personal, secure and funny, emphasizing privacy protection, user choice and digital freedom by seeking out their related paradigms and questioning their validity.

Presentations of GLBrain and Keepod will run on a big screen in Ladies’ Apartments meeting area located on the ground floor throughout the entire CGDC Meeting.

Commitments to action can take many forms, leveraging the unique strengths and characteristics of each commitment maker. CGDC welcomes individuals, companies and private sector organizations’ ideas to solving major global challenges, to support the implementation of the commitments in line with CGDC’s vision and goals.