May 2010

President Stoyanov and Stamen Stantchev in Mongolia

In May 2010 the President and the Secretary General of the CGDC, President Petar Stoyanov and Stamen Stantchev, visited Mongolia. During their successful visit they held discussions on various pressing economic and political topics.

High-level meetings
Among the highlights of the CGDC-visit to Mongolia was the reception and the personal dialogue with the acting Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr Sukhbaatar Batbold, and the Ambassador-at-Large Badamdorj Bathishig Ph.D of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Mongolia, as well as the meeting with the former President of Mongolia Natsagiin Bagabandi and many other important personalities of public life.

“The Third Neighbour”
Recently Mongolia has been promoting the so called “policy of the third neighbour”. In addition to their two existing neighbours, Russia and China, they chose – in a symbolic way – the European Union as their “third neighbour”. Seeking to benchmark themselves against European Union standards, the leaders in Mongolia are planning and implementing various activities. Common projects together with the CGDC have been taken into consideration in planning these ventures. Efforts to fight corruption and initiating the establishment of more efficient administrative, political and economic structures will form part of these projects.