September, 2011

President and Secretary General of CGDC attended the CGI Annual Meeting 2011

President of the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation – CGDC Petar Stoyanov and Secretary General Stamen Stantchev attended the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting held 20-22 September 2011 in New York. President Clinton warmly welcomed President Petar Stoyanov and Secretary General Stamen Stantchev, and once again underlined the importance of building strong collaboration between the CGI and the CGDC.

President Stoyanov expressed his sincere gratitude to President Clinton for honoring the CGDC Launch and 1st Annual Meeting in May 2011 in Vienna with his keynote speech, and sharing his views on how to enhance mutual understanding and dialogue amongst diverse people.

Further, President Clinton expressed his delight in having participated in the 1st CGDC Annual Meeting, and in working with CGDC. He then conveyed his best wishes as well as sincere interest in the 2nd Annual Meeting, which will be held on the 17th and 18th of May 2012 in Vienna. During the three day exclusive event, President Stoyanov and Secretary General Stantchev shared insights and information with many heads of states, CEOs of companies and global leaders on forging solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.