May 16 - 18, 2012

Rick Yune, CGDC Honorary Board Member, Actor, and Entrepreneur Supports CGDC Annual Meeting 2012

After enjoying his first traditional Austrian meal, Mr. Yune threw himself into a round of interviews with TV stations and newspapers. Rick Yunes’ commitment to the CGDC as an honorary board member was inspired by a meeting with the organization’s founder, Mr. Stamen Stantchev. The two men soon realized that they shared an experience: they both had helped friends, who were in serious trouble, by engaging in dialogue and fighting for justice.

The CGDC’s goal of challenging traditional structures is also important to Mr. Yune as he commented, “I worked in banking until I realized that I was creating nothing of real value. I realized that I was creating bull shit, that what we were creating had little or no value in the real world. The only thing which we were creating was liquidity in the markets. There was no sense of reality. ”

Mr. Yune also commented on his hopes for the CGDC and its goal to create real value and honest communication, “…in a world where the banking system has become the banking industry, there is a need to sit with bankers and create this momentum for change.”

As a first generation Korean-American, he commented, “I am part of the American dream, I understand what it means to come from nothing. We need to think about the interests of real people and how we can enhance economic well-being to bring about social well-being. During the CGDC Meetings we think about how we can build trust, especially amongst the next generation of leaders.”
Mr. Yune’s has starred with Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu in his forthcoming film “The Man with the Iron Fists”.